Table 1—

Hospitalizations resulting from the preventable hospitalizations in U.S.

Uncontrolled diabetes diagnosis (ICD-9-CM code)Hospitalizations estimated from the NHDS-2004
Hospitalizations estimated from the HCUP-NIS
Total admissions (95% CI)Total hospital reimbursement ($)Total admissions (n)Total charge ($)
Without complications (250.02–250.03)52,798 (43,976–61,620)722 million52,294552 million
With ketoacidosis (250.10–250.13)119,174 (104,485–133,863)1,372 million124,5101,821 million
With hyperosmolarity (250.20–250.23)14,984 (10,601–19,367)201 million14,572298 million
With diabetic coma (250.30–250.33)4,225 (1,948–6,502)84 million4,948164 million
Total191,181 (170,786–211,576)2,380 million196,3242,836 million
  • Total number of admissions were cross-validated between two independently collected national databases.