Table 2—

Regression analysis of physical activity measures with 2-h postchallenge plasma glucose

B95% CIPAdjusted R2
Model 1
    Sedentary time0.350.17 to 0.53<0.0010.13
    Light-intensity activity−0.30−0.49 to −0.120.0020.11
    Moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity−1.08−1.76 to −0.410.0020.11
Model 2
    Sedentary time0.290.11 to 0.480.0020.16
    Light-intensity activity−0.25−0.45 to −0.060.0120.14
    Moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity−1.07−1.77 to −0.370.0030.15
Model 3
    Sedentary time*0.230.04 to 0.420.0190.18
    Light-intensity activity*−0.22−0.42 to −0.030.0230.17
    Moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity−0.81−1.53 to −0.090.0290.18
Model 4 (sex interactions; male ref.)
    Sedentary time−0.22−0.52 to 0.080.1480.16
    Light-intensity activity0.27−0.13 to 0.660.1810.14
    Moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity0.52−0.81 to 1.840.4450.15
  • Activity measured as hours per day. Model 1 was adjusted for age, sex, and time accelerometer worn. Model 2 was adjusted for age, sex, height, waist circumference, time accelerometer worn, accelerometer unit, family history of diabetes, alcohol intake, education, income, and smoking status. Model 3 was adjusted for above covariates and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (

  • *

    * ) or sedentary time (

  • ). Model 4 was adjusted for the same covariates as Model 2 and examined the sex interaction.