Table 4—

Cox regression analysis assessing the univariate and multivariate hazard ratios for the joint effect of ADMA and CRP

Hazard ratio (95% CI)P value
Univariate model
    Group 11.00
    Group 22.37 (1.00–5.60)0.050
    Group 33.48 (1.78–6.83)<0.001
Multivariate model
    Group 11.00
    Group 23.39 (1.32–8.68)0.011
    Group 34.59 (2.07–10.15)<0.001
  • Group 1: neither ADMA nor CRP in the highest tertile. Group 2: ADMA or CRP in the highest tertile and the other parameter in the lowest tertile. Group 3: ADMA and CRP or one of them in the highest tertile and none in the lowest. Multivariate model: adjustment for age, sex, history of macrovascular disease, glomerular filtration rate, and HDL cholesterol.