Table 3—

Multivariate ORs (95% CI) for progression to pre-diabetes according to baseline quintile of cystatin C (top 20% vs. lowest 80%)

Cystatin C (mg/l)Case patientsControl subjectsModel 1Model 2
Lowest 80%42 (46.7)218 (79.9)1.001.00
Top 20%48 (53.3)55 (20.1)5.08 (2.69–9.58)*3.28 (1.43–7.54)
  • Data are n (%) or OR (95% CI) from conditional logistic regression using matched cases and controls. All models are conditioned on sex, race, and year of study enrollment. Model 1 was adjusted for age. Model 2 was adjusted for age, BMI (weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters), family history of diabetes (no or yes), current smoker (never or ever), lifetime pack-years, fasting glucose (milligrams per deciliter), current drinker (no or yes), baseline hypertension (no or yes), HOMA-IR, and eGFR.

  • *

    * P < 0.001

  • P < 0.01.