Table 4—

RRs of diabetes according to different levels of HOMA-IR and HOMA-B

HOMA-IRHOMA-BCase/control subjectsMatching factor adjusted*Model 1Model 2
LowHigh21/2361.00 (ref.)1.00 (ref.)1.00 (ref.)
LowLow140/8611.72 (1.02–2.92)1.92 (1.91–4.29)2.01 (1.09–3.68)
HighHigh696/8609.97 (5.99–16.6)5.34 (2.96–9.62)3.97 (2.19–7.19)
HighLow721/23636.9 (21.7–62.8)24.9 (13.4–46.2)19.5 (10.5–36.3)
  • Data are RRs (95% CIs) unless otherwise indicated. High and low levels of HOMA-IR and HOMA-B were based on a median split among controls; the median cut points were 1.439 for HOMA-IR and 81.7 for HOMA-B.

  • *

    * Matching factors included age, race/ethnicity, clinical center, and time of blood draw.

  • Model 1 was adjusted for matching factors, BMI, alcohol intake, level of physical activity, cigarette smoking status, the use or nonuse of postmenopausal hormone therapy, and family history of diabetes.

  • Model 2 additionally adjusted for waist-to-hip ratio in model 1.