Table 1—

Provider and patient responsibilities at the initiation of treatment

    Teach the following:Learn what is taught.
        Different insulin preparationsInject suggested insulin doses.
        Time course of actionsPerform SMBG at appropriate times.
        How to draw up insulinMaintain frequent contact with provider.
        How and where to inject
        Recognition of hypoglycemia
        Treatment of hypoglycemia
        SMBG (and all that entails)
    Maintain frequent interactions with patient after initiating insulin therapy to establish appropriate dose.
    Maintain close follow-up to reduce dose after decreased glucose toxicity restores baseline insulin secretion.
    Teach recognition and treatment of hypoglycemia (not necessary for metformin).Swallow suggested doses at appropriate times.
    Measure FPG concentrations initially every 2–3 weeks to adjust doses as necessary.Have FPG concentrations measured at suggested times.
    Maintain patient contact.
  • SMBG, self-monitoring of blood glucose.