Table 2

Odds ratios, 95% CI, and P values for multivariate model of factors associated with diabetes medication adherence

Odds ratio95% CIP
Patient factors
 Patient exposure to diabetes therapy
  New to therapy vs. continuing therapy0.390.38, 0.40<0.0001
 Patient age-group (years)
  25–44 vs. 45–640.510.49, 0.53<0.0001
  65–74 vs. 45–641.271.23, 1.30<0.0001
  >75 vs. 45–641.411.37, 1.44<0.0001
 Patient sex
  Male vs. female1.141.12, 1.16<0.0001
 Patient education
  Vocational vs. high school equivalent1.060.92, 1.220.4105
  College grad vs. high school equivalent1.201.17, 1.23<0.0001
  Graduate school vs. high school equivalent1.411.36, 1.46<0.0001
 Patient income
  $30k to $60k vs. <$30k0.930.91, 0.95<0.0001
  >$60k vs. <$30k1.271.23, 1.30<0.0001
 Patient geographic region
  Midwest vs. West1.121.08, 1.16<0.0001
  Northeast vs. West1.041.00, 1.080.0448
  South vs. West1.000.97, 1.030.9475
Prescription factors
 Prescription drug channel: mail vs. retail2.092.04, 2.13<0.0001
 Total pill burden1.221.21, 1.22<0.0001
 Out-of-pocket costs (30 days)0.890.89, 0.89<0.0001
Prescriber factors
 Specialty: endocrinologist vs. primary care1.010.96, 1.070.6076
 Specialty: other specialist vs. primary care0.910.89, 0.94<0.0001
 Prescriber age1.0021.002, 1.0030.004