Table 4—

Regression parameter estimates determining age at diabetes diagnosis among SEARCH subjects whose mothers also have diabetes

ParameterType 1
Type 2
EstimateSEMtP valueEstimateSEMtP value
Maternal diabetes before birth*−0.961.15−0.840.403−1.680.70−2.410.018
Mother's age of diagnosis0.160.053.390.0010.
Father with diabetes1.151.180.970.333−0.100.57−0.190.853
Sex (female)−0.960.76−1.260.209−1.180.50−2.360.020
Race/ethnicity (all other versus non-Hispanic white)−0.530.81−0.660.5130.470.670.710.483
  • Dependent variable is age at diagnosis.

  • *

    * Subjects whose mother's time of diagnosis was indeterminate were eliminated from the models.