Table 4—

Logistic regression models simultaneously considering AKT2 and GSK3B in PCOS risk

ModelIndependent variablesOR (95% CI)P value
IndependenceCarrier state (Y/N) for AKT2 risk haplotype*2.10 (1.2–3.7)0.010
Carrier state (Y/N) for GSK3B risk haplotype*1.80 (1.0–3.1)0.036
AdditiveNumber of AKT2 or GSK3B risk haplotypes1.58 (1.1–2.2)0.010
CombinedCarrier state (Y/N) for both risk haplotypes in AKT2 and GSK3B3.11 (1.4–6.9)0.0050
  • PCOS diagnosis was the dependent variable in all models. Each analysis also included age and BMI as independent variables.

  • *

    * Carriers are homozygous or heterozygous for risk haplotype (T-G-C-T in AKT2 and C-A-C-C-G-G-A-G-G in GSK3B).

  • Number of risk haplotypes per individual is 0–4.

  • Compares subjects who are carriers of at least one AKT2 risk haplotype and at least one GSK3B risk haplotype to all other subjects.