Table 2

Forward multiple linear regression with the change in C-peptide concentration over 18 months as a dependent variable

Independent variablesChange in mean C-peptide concentration (start-month 18)
model 1model 2
Placebo-treated patients
 C-peptide (P50)0.0330.050−0.354NM
 IAA × C-peptide (P50)0.0160.016−0.422
ChAglyCD3-treated patients
 C-peptide (P50)0.830NMNM
 IAA × C-peptide (P50)0.677NMNM
All patients
 C-peptide (P50)0.033NMNM
 IAA × C-peptide (P50)0.0040.013−0.286
  • β, standardized coefficient; NM, not selected for entry in the multivariate model. Boldface text indicates P < 0.05.

  • * Variable at screening.

  • Variable at start of the treatment, AUC 60–140 min < P50 (0) or ≥P50 (1) of the entire group.

  • Placebo-treated (0), ChAglyCD3-treated (1).