Table 1—

Participant demographics*

Race/ethnicityLatinoAfrican AmericanWhiteAsian/Pacific IslanderOtherTotal
Percent of total population141448158100
Age (years)65.263.365.561.763.264.4
Female sex567150525354
    Less than high school39251381618
    High school graduate263529283429
    Some college or higher364058655153
Annual household income
    $25,000 to $49,999252127312726
    Excellent/very good181322201820
Has prescription drug benefit (yes)676772827472
Number of medications
    One to five medications414957415451
    Six or more medications595143594649
Average monthly out-of-pocket drug costs
    ≤$50 per month455850544951
    $51 to $100 per month241924252623
    $101 to $150 per month1591010810
    >$150 per month171416111715
  • Data are percent, unless otherwise indicated.

  • *

    * Percentages may not add to 100% due to rounding errors.