Table 10—

Health care expenditures attributed to diabetes in the U.S., by age group and type of service, 2007 (in millions of dollars)

Cost componentAge (years)
Institutional care
    Hospital inpatient4,55118,44735,34658,344
    Nursing/residential facility1661,5275,7937,486
Outpatient care
    Physician's office1,1133,9824,8029,897
    Emergency department1,0471,3841,4383,870
    Ambulance services47921103
    Hospital outpatient6451,3121,0282,985
    Home health01,8233,7635,586
Outpatient medications and supplies
    Diabetic supplies2178597071,783
    Oral agents9674,1633,4568,586
    Retail prescriptions1,0995,1616,43212,692
    Other equipment and supplies77448365890
  • *

    * Numbers do not necessarily sum to totals because of rounding.