Table 3—

Average cost per medical event, 2007

Medical eventUnit cost ($)
Prescription (excluding insulin and oral agents)*72
Oral agents (per user per year)*697
Insulin (per insulin user per year)*751
Diabetic supplies (per person with diabetes per year)*, a102
Home health visits (cost per person per day of use)*, a204
Hospice care day147
Nursing facility day (excluding food and rent) b131 (120)
Other medical supplies (excess cost per person with diabetes per year)*, a
Ambulance services5.92
Orthopedic items5.52
Hearing devices9.02
Bathroom aids1.52
Medical equipment7.09
Disposable supplies10.85
  • Source:

  • *

    * 2003–2005 MEPS;

  • Hospice Association of America 2006.

  • Average of cost for semi-private room and private room per the Genworth Financial 2007 Cost of Care Survey ( Note:

  • a

    a Cost estimate varies by age and sex.

  • b

    b An estimated 38% of the cost per day in a nursing home is for food and rent. For long-term residents, we exclude from the cost estimates expenses for room and board that would still have been incurred if the person were living at home. Estimates are adjusted to 2007 dollars.