Table 4—

Health resource use (in millions of units) in the U.S., by diabetes attribution and cost component, 2007

Health resourcePopulation with diabetes
Incurred by population without diabetesU.S. total*
Attributed to diabetes
Incurred by people with diabetes
Units% of U.S. totalUnits% of U.S. total
Institutional care
    Hospital inpatient days24.31340.722145.7186.4
    Nursing/residential facility days56.110140.625433.3573.9
Outpatient care
    Physician's office visits64.77137.614822.1959.7
    Emergency visits5.6511.510104.4115.9
    Hospital outpatient and freestanding ambulatory surgical center visits5.7610.91281.792.7
    Home health visits27.413.846.023.2152.7198.8
    Hospice care days0.2<19.61181.591.1
    Retail prescriptions175.38359.6171,762.02,121.6
  • *

    * Numbers do not necessarily sum to totals because of rounding.