Table 5—

Health resource use attributed to diabetes in the U.S., by age and type of service, 2007 (in thousands)

Health resourceAge (years)
< 4545–64≥ 65
Institutional care
    Hospital inpatient days2,1157,58614,56224,262
    Nursing/residential facility days1,26911,10343,68756,059
Outpatient care
    Office-based physician visits7,35326,55230,80864,713
    Emergency visits1,4991,9842,0845,567
    Hospital outpatient and freestanding ambulatory surgical center visits1,3072,5351,8885,730
    Home health visits08,93918,44927,388
    Hospice care days422165192
    Retail prescriptions15,18171,29588,841175,317
  • *

    * Numbers do not necessarily sum to totals because of rounding.