Table 2—

Standardized regression coefficients of total breaks with metabolic risk variables

Metabolic risk variableβ (95% CI)PAdjusted R2
Waist circumference (cm)−0.16 (−0.31 to −0.02)0.0270.26
BMI (kg/m2)−0.19 (−0.35 to −0.02)0.0260.05
Triglycerides (log) (mmol/l)*−0.18 (−0.34 to −0.02)0.0290.13
HDL cholesterol (mmol/l)*0.03 (−0.12 to 0.18)0.6850.25
Systolic blood pressure (mmHg)−0.03 (−0.18 to 0.12)0.6970.21
Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)0.03 (−0.12 to 0.19)0.6700.19
Fasting plasma glucose (mmol/l)−0.09 (−0.25 to 0.07)0.2870.09
2-h plasma glucose (mmol/l)−0.18 (−0.34 to −0.02)0.0250.14
  • Adjusted for age, sex, employment, alcohol intake, income, education, smoking, family history of diabetes, diet quality, moderate- to vigorous-intensity time, mean intensity of breaks, and total sedentary time.

  • *

    * Additional adjustment for lipid-lowering medication;

  • additional adjustment for hypertensive medication. Adjusted R2 gives an estimate of explained variance, taking into account the sample size.