Table 2—

Selected literacy-demand evaluation results for diabetes and CVD print patient education materials

Patient education brochuresFlesch-Kincaid reading grade level*
Text font sizeNumber of words per sentenceNumber of characters per line§
Brochure grade levelGrade level by sentence
    Treating High Cholesterol in People with Diabetes4.32.3–14.210–126–2637–135
    Protect Your Heart: Choose Fats Wisely4.40.0–20.910–126–2325–138
    Learning How to Change Habits4.80.0–7.911.5–125–1920–93
    Protect Your Heart: Check Food Labels to Make Heart-Healthy Choices4.90.0–14.610–125–3626–157
    Protect Your Heart: Cook with Heart-Healthy Foods5.00.0–11.1124–2521–156
    Taking Aspirin to Protect Your Heart5.20.5–11.910–128–2534–114
    Treating High Blood Pressure in People with Diabetes5.22.6–17.210–124–3324–182
    All About Carbohydrate Counting5.62.2–15.010–128–3530–118
    Protect Your Heart by Losing Weight5.80.0–12.5123–2520–151
    All About Blood Glucose for People with Type 2 Diabetes6.51.0–17.610–129–3546–215
    All About Peripheral Arterial Disease7.00.0–15.710–124–3312–173
    Taking Care of Your Heart7.10.0–14.7125–2431–145
    Taking Care of Type 2 Diabetes7.60.5–14.510–125–2329–170
    All About Physical Activity for People with Diabetes7.70.0–15.4123–2921–63
    Knowing the Warning Signs of a Heart Attack7.84.7–1310–1211–3046–135
    Getting Started with Physical Activity8.22.6–15.711.5–127–4043–185
    Getting the Very Best Care for Your Diabetes8.30.0–15.010–129–3152–165
    Protect Your Heart: Make Wise Food Choices8.30.0–15.4125–2933–178
    All About Insulin Resistance8.50.0–16.9126–4329–227
    All About Stroke9.00.0–17.610–124–2712–158
    Medical Tests and Procedures for Finding and Treating Heart and Blood Vessel Disease11.93.9–23.5129–4147–210
    Managing Your Weight6.30.0–16.39–126–2335–141
    Just Move!6.72.3–15.49–122–2918–165
    Easy Food Tips for Heart-Healthy Eating6.80.0–14.99–123–3721–208
    Understanding and Controlling Your High Blood Pressure7.10.0–139–125–2635–116
    Tips for Eating Out7.30.8–11.59–128–4131–186
    Smoking and Your Risk of Stroke7.30.0–24.69–123–5015–336
    High Blood Pressure7.83.3–20.69–124–3025–182
    High Blood Pressure in African Americans7.90.0–18.59–126–3331–187
    Diabetes, Heart Disease & Stroke8.00.5–17.99–123–2722–155
    Six Steps to A Healthy Heart8.02.2–17.59–126–3834–165
    Are You At Risk Of Heart Attack Or Stroke8.32.4–16.79–129–3154–169
    Controlling Your Risk Factors8.30.1–19.8126–2742–180
    Understanding Stroke8.60.0–15.49–123–2217–120
    Shaking Your Salt Habit8.90.5–15.89–125–2528–146
    An Eating Plan for Healthy Americans9.00.6–20.49–124–3228–183
    Exercise and Your Heart9.10.0–23.19–123–4316–303
    Stroke: Are You at Risk9.70.6–19.89–127–3929–216
    About Your Peripheral Artery Disease10.12.4–17.69–125–3033–139
    Aspirin, Heart Disease & Stroke10.10.5–18.49–124–3022–156
  • Data are means or ranges.

  • *

    * Recommendation is <5th grade (refs. 7 and 8).

  • Recommendation is ≥12 points (refs. 68).

  • Recommendation is <15 words (refs. 6 and 7).

  • §

    § Recommendation is <50 characters per line (refs. 7 and 8).

  • n = 21.

  • n = 19.