Table 1—

Age-adjusted baseline characteristics of the study participants according to active and passive smoking status for men and women, aged 19–69 years (1999–2000, HIPOP-OHP, Japan)

Smoking status
Zero exposurePast active onlyPresent passivePresent active
Participants (n)2,1297796902,900
Age (years)36.941.739.337.9
Female (%)45.56.430.64.5
BMI (kg/m2)22.322.722.722.9
Physical activity (MET h/week)
Alcohol (g/day)11.222.715.726.9
Family history of diabetes (%)
Hypertension (%)10.319.811.312.3
Health promotion intervention (%)46.041.646.744
Frequency of sweetened beverage intake ≥1/day (%)20.517.619.019.7
Frequency of vegetable intake <1/week (%)47.345.946.747.2
Do not care about eating too much fat at all (%)18.216.417.317.8
  • MET h, metabolic equivalent hours.