Table 2—

Sociodemographic and health status factors ranked by their mean difference according to A1C threshold

1Insurance status8.8Diabetes medication use10.1Diabetes medication use14.7
2Age-group7.8Insurance status7.7Years since diagnosis7.2
4Diabetes medication use5.7Race/ethnicity6.4Age-group5.8
5Income-to-poverty ratio5.4Weight status6.1Insurance status5.6
6Years since diagnosis4.9Years since diagnosis5.8Self-reported health4.5
7Self-reported health4.2Income-to-poverty ratio4.5No. of health care interactions4.1
8No. of health care interactions4.1Self-reported health4.2Income-to-poverty ratio2.5
9Weight status3.3No. of prescription medications3.5Education2.4
10No. of prescription medications3.1No. of health care interactions3.1No. of prescription medications2.3
11Education2.2Hospitalization in last year1.6Sex2.2
12Hospitalization in last year2.1Education1.5Weight status1.8
13Sex1.8Sex0.0Hospitalization in last year1.4
Average MD4.74.84.7
  • Factors in bold are those for which the mean difference (MD) changed significantly with the change in A1C threshold.