Table 2—

Morbidity mortality studies and albuminuria in nondiabetic patients

Age range (years)Population characteristicsFollow-up duration (years)OutcomeCutoff value of albuminuria
Copenhagen (43)30–70HT in 10–15%5CHD>4.8 μg/min (0.64 mg/mmol)
Monica (42)30–70Blood pressure <150/90 mmHg10CHD>0.65 mg/mmol (5.1 μg/min)
Hunt (44)>20Nondiabetic subjects4.4All-cause death>0.76 mg/mmol (6 μg/min)
Life (41)55–80Electrocardiogram LVH4.8Cardiovascular death, first myocardial infarction, stroke>1.28 mg/mmol (10 μg/min)
Hunt (45)>20Treated HT4.3All-cause death>1.7 mg/mmol (13.3 μg/min)
Hoorn (46)50–75Peripheral arterial disease5Cardiovascular death>2 mg/mmol (16 μg/min)
Utrecht (47)52–67Postmenopausal20Cardiovascular death>2.4 mg/mmol (18 μg/min)
  • CHD, coronary heart disease; HT, hypertension.