Table 2—

Cardiovascular disease risk factors among people with diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes, IFG, and normal glucose levels

Diagnosed diabetes
Undiagnosed diabetes
Normal fasting glucose
n%95% CIn%95% CIn%95% CIn%95% CI
Cardiovascular disease risk factors
    High A1C ( ≥7%)5155.1*43.20–66.471330.4*17.68–46.9630.9a0.28–3.1510.1a0.01–0.73
    High total cholesterol (≥200 mg/dl)4647.235.23–59.411851.132.72–69.2414153.9*47.95–59.7734339.335.67–43.09
    High LDL cholesterol (≥100 mg/dl)5965.752.17–77.042263.644.20–79.3620778.9*72.61–84.1456965.361.45–68.96
    High blood pressure (systolic ≥130 or diastolic ≥80)4150.0*38.78–61.231850.933.53–68.0610141.0*34.53–47.7317322.018.83–25.47
    Current smoker2222.214.78–32.021532.318.22–50.597223.018.34–28.4023424.821.47–28.47
  • Impaired fasting glucose is defined as a fasting plasma glucose level between 100 and 125 mg/dl.

  • a Statistically unstable population estimate. Using normal glucose as the referent group:

  • * P < 0.001,

  • P < 0.01. Using impaired fasting glucose as the referent group:

  • P < 0.001.