Table 1—

Design of Web-based collaborative care intervention

Domain (ref. 4)Intervention
Self-management supportPromoted patient review of the electronic medical record at home over the Web through “My Health Record,” a real-time view of the same record and interface used by providers and containing all clinical data since January 1994
Provided remote collaboration and interactive feedback on automatically uploaded blood glucose readings over the Web through “My Upload Meter”
Provided remote collaboration and interactive feedback on nutrition, medications, and exercise using a Web-based self-management tool, “My Diabetes Daily Diary”
Promoted and integrated secure e-mail into ongoing care with diabetes case manager
Provided general diabetes educational Web site with links to information endorsed by the medical director of the UW Diabetes Care Center
Delivery system designUsed case manager model
Provided initial weekly follow-up over the Web for blood glucose levels and other self-management needs
Provided subsequent proactive follow-up based on patient needs
Promoted and integrated secure e-mail exchanges into ongoing care
Promoted and integrated patients’ blood glucose and lifestyle information into ongoing care
Clinical information systemsProvided ongoing tracking and documentation of patients’ needs and care
Used secure e-mail integrated as part of the record
Decision supportUsed an interactive electronic medical record for collaborative decision support shared by both patient and provider:
    Clinical reminders visible to both patient and provider
    Single-page summary of patients’ clinical information relevant to diabetes
Established provider decision support through patients’ remote transmission of blood glucose readings, daily diary inputs, and secure e-mail exchanges