Table 1

Characteristics of women at initial cognitive assessment, by tertile of dietary fat intake since midlife

Saturated fat
Polyunsaturated fat
Trans fat
Tertile 1Tertile 2Tertile 3Tertile 1Tertile 2Tertile 3Tertile 1Tertile 2Tertile 3
Mean age (years)757474747474757474
Education (% registered nurse degree)787882788279768182
Antidepressant use (%)867776786
Vitamin E supplements (%)535041444952554842
No alcohol intake (%)686874707070686776
BMI ≥30 kg/m2 (%)333940353839343741
Former smokers (%)484647474846514842
Current smokers (%)367655457
Median physical activity (METs per week*)854566765
History of high blood pressure (%)787479787677757877
History of high cholesterol (%)817869777676797674
History of myocardial infarction (%)161512161512161611
Median diabetes duration (years)108910991098
Oral hypoglycemic use (%)303437323435323633
Insulin use (%)141416171314161513
  • Percentages are of nonmissing values. Average diet intake since midlife from 1980 through the initial cognitive interview.

  • *One metabolic equivalent hour (MET) is proportional to the amount of energy expended sitting quietly.