Table 1

Descriptive statistics of studies included in the meta-analysis

Intervention period (weeks)Dropout (%)LFHC
Age (years)Men (%)BMIUsing antihyperglycemia agents (%)Diabetes duration (years)
nC/F/P (%)nC/F/P (%)
Campbell et al. (1994; ref. 13)2N/A1055/22/231040/37/235510026.5105
Chen et al. (1995; ref. 14)6N/A955/30/15940/45/15496727.5N/AN/A
Coulston et al. (1989; ref. 15)60860/20/20840/40/20666325.575N/A
Fuh et al. (1990; ref. 16)2N/A1160/20/201140/40/205810025.8100N/A
Garg et al. (1992; ref. 17)3N/A860/25/15835/50/1563100300N/A
Garg et al. (1994; ref. 18)604255/30/154240/45/15587928.1100N/A
Heilbronn et al. (1999a; ref. 19)12171273/10/171050/32/18582732.9585
Heilbronn et al. (1999b; ref. 19)12151273/10/171350/32/18582033.1526
Lovejoy et al. (2002a; ref. 20)4123058/27/153046/39/1554433347N/A
Lovejoy et al. (2002b; ref. 20)4123058/27/153046/39/1554433347N/A
Luscombe et al. (1999; ref. 21)4252153/21/262142/35/23576730.4766
Miyashita et al. (2004; ref. 22)4N/A1163/10/271140/35/255273270N/A
Parillo et al. (1992; ref. 23)201060/20/201040/40/20537026.7508
Parillo et al. (1996a; ref. 24)20960/20/20940/40/2048N/A24.706
Parillo et al. (1996b; ref. 24)20960/20/20940/40/2050N/A24.61008
Rodriguez-Villar et al. (2000; ref. 25)6251255/30/151245/40/15N/AN/A27.9N/A6
Rodriguez-Villar et al. (2004; ref. 26)6152255/30/152245/40/15615428.3N/AN/A
Rusmussen et al. (1994; refs. 27, 28)3N/A1550/30/201530/50/20576727476
Sestoft et al. (1985; ref. 29)1.4N/A850/30/20842/36/22485022.705
Simpson et al. (1982; ref. 30)4N/A1060/22/181035/47/1858N/A26.2806
Storm et al. (1997a; ref. 31)301550/30/201540/45/15535329.7736
Storm et al. (1997b; ref. 31)301550/30/201540/45/15535329.7736
  • C/F/P, proportion of carbohydrate/fat/protein to total energy of the prescribed diet; N/A, not assessed.