Table 2

Overall percent changes resulting from LFHC versus HFLC diet on metabolic profiles and data on publication bias and their likely effect on the estimates

A1CFPG2-h glucoseFasting insulin2-h fasting insulinTotal cholesterolTriglyceridesHDL cholesterolLDL cholesterol
Trials (n)10221022920222016
Overall percent change−1.50.310.38.412.81.613.4−5.60.1
    95% CI−5.3 to 2.3−2.8 to 3.46.7–13.91.3–15.65.2–20.4−1.3 to 4.57.1–19.8−8.4 to −2.9−3.8 to 4.1
Publication bias
Trim and fill
    95% CI−10.2 to −5.0
  • *Studies (n) added by the trim-and-fill method.

  • †Percent change after adjustment for publication bias by the trim-and-fill method. Begg's, Begg's adjusted rank correlation test; Egger's, Egger's regression asymmetry test.