Table 3

Characteristics associated with a change in A1C from baseline to follow-up in patients with type 2 diabetes treated with diet/exercise or oral medications at baseline and with A1C ≥7.2: TRIAD 2000–2002

Age-group (referent = ≥70 years)
    <50 years0.730.004
    50–70 years0.310.021
Sex (referent = male)−0.020.878
Race/ethnicity (referent = white)
    Asian/Pacific Islander−0.160.247
Income (referent = >75,000 USD)
    <15,000 USD−0.650.005
    15,000–40,000 USD0.260.103
    40,000–75,000 USD0.050.799
Education (referent = ≥4 year college)
    Some high school or less0.270.347
    High school graduate−0.10.543
    Some college−0.160.396
Baseline A1C−0.58<0.0001
Intensification with insulin (referent = oral medication)0.030.820
BMI (kg/m2)−0.0110.345
Charlson index0.040.205
Diabetes care provided by an endocrinologist0.440.011
Number of PCP visits−0.050.004
New onset of any complication0.180.185
  • n = 520. Results are adjusted for all variables presented in the table.