Table 1

Correlations between ZIP code–based measures of access to care and the incidence of ESRD attributed to diabetes or ADPKD and the rate of hospitalizations for lower-extremity amputations in patients with diabetes, across ZIP codes in California, 2001–2004

ESRD attributed to diabetes
ESRD attributed to ADPCKD
Hospitalizations for lower-extremity amputation
SES score*−0.55<0.0001−0.040.09−0.51<0.0001
Proportion of hospitalizations with no insurance0.45<0.00010.060.020.33<0.0001
Proportion of hospitalizations with Medicaid0.69<0.00010.050.030.45<0.0001
Proportion of hospitalizations with managed care insurance−0.37<0.0001−0.010.77−0.36<0.0001
Rate of hospitalizations for hyperglycemic complications0.27<0.00010.46<0.0001
  • Correlations were weighted by the population of each ZIP code.

  • *Higher scores indicate wealthier areas.