Table 1

Clinical details of 17 subjects whose CGM data were included in the final analysis

nAge (years)SexDuration of diabetes (years)Urea (mmol/l)CVD (yes/no)*MedicationHb (g/dl)A1C (%)Time undergoing dialysis (years)Erythropoietin dose (μg/week)
153M205.1YesGliclazide, 40 mg b.i.d.
259M1819.3YesGliclazide, 80 mg q.d.
472M1622.3YesGliclazide, 80 mg q.d.9.963100
563M2023.0YesHumulin M3 (8 units b.i.d.)
652M1828.2YesGliclazide, 40 mg b.i.d.
765M2414.0YesNovoRapid (10 units a.m.), Glargine (35 units p.m.)
868M2614.0YesNovoMix 30 (10 units b.i.d.)
965M3017.9YesMixtard 30 (10 units, 8 units)126.75.410
1067M1824.0YesGliclazide, 40 mg b.i.d.13.16.710.260
1158F917.0NoMixtard 50 (23 units, 24 units)
1253M1326.7YesGliclazide, 160 mg b.i.d.
1379M2221.9YesMixtard 30 (18 units, 12 units)1486.820
1442M2616.0YesMixtard 30 (18 units, 12 units)
1565F3013.2YesMixtard 30 (6 units b.i.d.)
1665F414.5YesGliclazide, 160 mg b.i.d.
1754F1917.8NoNovoMix 30 (16 units, 10 units)
  • *Documented history of vascular disease defined as ischemic heart disease (history of myocardial infarction, revascularization procedure or angiographically proven coronary disease), cerebrovascular disease (history of cerebrovascular accident or transient ischemia attack) or peripheral vascular disease (history of amputation due to gangrene, revascularization procedure, or peripheral vascular disease proven angiographically or by Doppler ultrasonography). F, female; M, male.