Table 2

Regression analysis of patient-reported outcomes at the end of the trial (standardized OLS regression coefficients)

Glucose control (A)Flexible eating (B)Weight control (C)Appetite control (D)Hypo prevent (E)Absence of side effects (F)Treatment satisfaction (TS1)Treatment satisfaction (TS2)Treatment preference (TP1)Treatment preference (TP2)Treatment preference (TP3)
Race (white)−0.14*−0.15*−0.01−0.04−0.03−0.06−*0.12*
Sex (male)−0.02−0.03−0.15*0.010.01−0.14−0.10−0.10
Age (years)−0.02−0.020.01−*0.13*0.10
Diabetes duration (years)0.080.02−0.070.06−0.050.01−0.01−0.040.02−0.010.01
Multiple daily injections§−−−0.03−0.02−0.05
Baseline insulin (units/day)0.20*0.21*−−0.04−0.07
Baseline weight (kg)−0.14*−0.16−0.20*−−0.12−
Baseline A1C (%)−0.010.02−0.03−−0.03−0.05−0.08
Baseline PPG (mg/dl)−0.22−0.21*−0.10−0.04−0.14−0.14−0.17*−0.00−
Treatment arm (active)−0.15*
Log number of hypoglycemic events−0.09−0.07−0.03−0.01−0.18*0.06−−0.00
Severe hypoglycemic event−−0.09−
Maximal pramlintide dose−0.01−0.02−0.05−−0.04−
Change insulin (units/day)−0.08−0.02−0.04−0.01−0.06−0.07−0.050.01−0.16*−0.11*−0.12*
Change weight (kg)−0.12−0.05−0.35−0.190.00−0.03−0.100.01−
Change A1C (%)−0.12−0.09−0.01−−0.010.04−0.02−0.00−0.03
Change PPG (mg/dl)−0.24−0.18*−0.09−0.11−0.140.01−0.27−0.10−0.22*−0.13−0.07
Glucose control0.380.250.04
Flexible eating0.190.140.03
Weight control0.08−0.04−0.09
Appetite control0.14*0.130.05
Hypoglycemia prevention0.170.04−0.06
Absence of side effects0.070.300.26
  • Each column reports the results of a separate multiple regression analysis, each of which includes all variables for which coefficients are presented. For treatment satisfaction there are two models (TS1 and TS2), with the TS2 model adding perceived consequences to the TS1 model. For treatment preference, there are three models (TP1, TP2, and TP3), with the TP2 model adding perceived consequences to the TP1 model and the TP3 model adding treatment satisfaction to the TP2 model.

  • *P < 0.05;

  • P < 0.01;

  • P < 0.001;

  • §reference category is continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion.