Table 4

Hazard of a cardiovascular event with prevalent subclinical diseases by metabolic status

Referent* (79/2,553a)MetS (78/1,102a)DM (108/761a)
HR95% CIP valueHR95% CIP valueHR95% CIP value
High CAC score4.321.97– 9.49<0.00012.171.06–4.420.0333.411.35–8.650.010
LV hypertrophy§4.752.24–10.07<0.00012.561.20–5.450.0154.402.18–8.87<0.0001
At least one component3.492.13–5.73<0.0011.630.99–2.680.0561.640.99–2.750.057
  • All models are adjusted for age, sex, smoking, LDL, education, and percent of fat. Pairwise comparisons between the groups were not statistically significant, except for the comparison of PAD between the MetS and the DM groups (1.38 vs. 4.36, respectively; P = 0.04).

  • *The referent group is defined as those without DM or MetS;

  • anumber of CVD events over number of people at risk for the event;

  • †PAD is defined as an ABI <0.9;

  • ‡high CAC score is defined as a raw CAC score >100;

  • §LV hypertrophy is defined as a LV mass index >51 g/m2.7.