Table 2

Predictors of regression to NGR, isolated IFG, or isolated IGT using ADA criteria in a multivariate model

HR (95% CI)P
Regression to NGR
    ILS versus placebo2.05 (1.66–2.53)<0.0001
    Metformin versus placebo1.25 (0.99–1.58)0.0601
    Younger age1.07 (1.02–1.11)0.0031
    Male versus female sex1.17 (0.98–1.40)0.0784
    Caucasian versus non-Caucasian1.00 (0.84–1.19)0.9986
    Lower fasting plasma glucose1.52 (1.36–1.68)<0.0001
    Lower 2-h plasma glucose1.24 (1.13–1.35)<0.0001
    Greater insulin sensitivity (l/fasting insulin)1.07 (0.99–1.16)0.0934
    Greater insulin secretion (CIR)1.09 (1.01–1.17)0.0353
    Higher baseline weight1.01 (0.92–1.11)0.8229
    Greater weight loss1.34 (1.21–1.49)<0.0001
Regression to isolated IFG
    ILS versus placebo1.20 (0.99–1.46)0.0576
    Metformin versus placebo0.98 (0.81–1.19)0.8560
    Younger age1.03 (0.99–1.07)0.1590
    Male versus female sex1.27 (1.08–1.50)0.0037
    Caucasian versus non-Caucasian1.07 (0.91–1.26)0.4088
    Higher fasting plasma glucose1.29 (1.19–1.40)<0.0001
    Lower 2-h plasma glucose1.48 (1.36–1.61)<0.0001
    Greater insulin sensitivity (l/fasting insulin)1.09 (1.00–1.18)0.0441
    Greater insulin secretion (CIR)1.05 (0.96–1.15)0.2591
    Higher baseline weight1.03 (0.95–1.13)0.4467
    Greater weight loss0.98 (0.89–1.07)0.5962
Regression to isolated IGT
    ILS versus placebo1.30 (1.01–1.67)0.0397
    Metformin versus placebo1.50 (1.18–1.91)0.0009
    Younger age1.01 (0.96–1.06)0.7587
    Female versus male sex1.58 (1.25–1.99)0.0001
    Caucasian versus non-Caucasian1.13 (0.93–1.38)0.2259
    Lower fasting plasma glucose1.67 (1.47–1.89)<0.0001
    Higher 2-h plasma glucose1.19 (1.08–1.31)0.0004
    Greater insulin sensitivity (l/fasting insulin)1.01 (0.91–1.12)0.8854
    Greater insulin secretion (CIR)1.11 (1.01–1.23)0.0257
    Higher baseline weight0.93 (0.83–1.03)0.1733
    Greater weight loss1.13 (1.00–1.28)0.0558
  • HRs for continuous variables are per 1 SD (or per 5 years for age).