Table 3

Comparison of other risk factors of type 2 diabetes with incremental increase in SUA

Risk factorRRTo how much of mg/dl in SUA is the RR comparable?
Obesity (ref. (26)
    BMI (per kg/m2)1.161.0
    Waist circumference (per cm)1.060.4
High alcohol intake (ref. (29)
    >3 drinks/day vs. 1 to 3 drinks/day1.432.3
Physical inactivity (ref. (27)
    The lowest vs. the highest level of moderate-intensity physical activity*1.201.2
Smoking (ref. (28)
    Heavy smokers (≥20 cigarettes/day) versus nonsmokers1.613.1
    Light smokers (<20 cigarettes/day) versus nonsmokers1.291.7
    Former smoker versus nonsmokers1.231.4
  • *Typically, no walking versus ≥2.5 h/week brisk walking.

  • †This RR is adjusted for BMI.