Table 1

Baseline characteristics and outcomes of patients with type 2 diabetes receiving temporary insulin therapy at disease diagnosis

nAgeBMIBaseline A1C (%)Insulin dose (units · kg−1 · day−1)Days to glycemic controlDuration insulin therapy (weeks)% Early responders% Sustained respondersWeight change
Ilkova et al. (17)13502711.20.611.929269 (26 months)0.4 kg
Li et al. (16)126502510.00.76.329042 (24 months)−0.04 kg/m2
Ryan et al. (18)16523111.80.37–0.73<142–38844 (12 months)−0.5 kg/m2
  • Early responders are subjects who achieved euglycemia with insulin treatment, and late responders are subjects who maintained long-term euglycemia without pharmacotherapy after the initial insulin treatment.