Table 2

Baseline characteristics and clinical outcomes comparing subjects treated with insulin or oral agent therapies lasting for 2 weeks after achievement of normoglycemia

Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusionMultiple daily injectionsOral agents
Age (yrs)505152
BMI (kg/m2)252425
Baseline A1C (%)
% Achieving euglycemia979583
Time to euglycemia (days)45.69.3
Daily drug doses0.68 units/kg (mean)0.74 units/kg (mean)Glicazide 160 mg + metformin 1,500 mg (max median)
Δ in AIR* (pmol · l−1 · min−1)951800831
AIR (median) in remission groups at 1 year809729335
  • From Weng et al. (21).

  • *Change in median AIR (acute insulin response) between baseline and treatment end.

  • P < 0.05 compared with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion.