Table 1

Cardiovascular autonomic tests and suggested indications for their use

Clinical diagnosisResearchEnd point in clinical trials
HR cardiovascular testsYesYesYes
Orthostatic hypotension testYesYesNo (low sensitivity)
QT intervalYes (additional information and risk stratification)YesNo (low sensitivity)
ABPM for dipping statusYes (risk stratification)YesNo (low sensitivity)
HRV time- and frequency-domain indicesYes (early additional information and risk stratification)YesYes
BRS measuresNo (offers early additional information and risk stratification but low availability)YesYes
Scintigraphic studiesNo (low availability and limited standardization)YesYes
MNSANo (low availability and limited data in CAN)YesPossible (used in lifestyle intervention trials in obesity)
Catecholamine assessmentNo (low availability)YesPossible (used in lifestyle intervention trials in obesity)
  • ABPM, ambulatory BP monitoring; HRV, heart rate variability; MNSA, muscle sympathetic nerve activity.