Table 3

Metabolic variables as predictors of hs-CRP change with 1-year ILI using multiple variable regression analysis

ModelB coefficientSER2P value
Model A0.072
    ILI vs. DSE−0.3950.040<0.0001
Model B0.115
    ILI vs. DSE−0.1680.046<0.001
    Change in BMI0.0790.009<0.0001
Model C0.114
    ILI vs. DSE−0.1700.046<0.001
    Change in weight0.0270.003<0.0001
Model D0.096
    ILI vs. DSE−0.2680.044<0.0001
    Change in waist circumference0.0190.003<0.0001
Model E0.112
    ILI vs. DSE−0.3360.040<0.0001
    Change in fasting glucose0.0040.000<0.0001
Model F0.100
    ILI vs. DSE−0.3150.041<0.0001
    Change in HbA1C0.1530.021<0.0001
Model G0.083
    ILI vs. DSE−0.3780.040<0.0001
    Change in triglycerides0.0010.000<0.0001
Model H0.079
    ILI vs. DSE−0.3750.040<0.0001
    Change in HDL cholesterol−0.0110.000<0.001
Model I0.072
    ILI vs. DSE−0.3950.040<0.0001
    Change in LDL cholesterol0.0000.0010.44
Model J0.086
    ILI vs. DSE−0.3320.041<0.0001
    Change in fitness−0.0850.017<0.0001
Model K0.11
    ILI vs. DSE−0.2670.042<0.0001
    Change in A1C0.1430.021<0.0001
    Change in fitness−0.0720.016<0.0001
Model L0.134
    ILI vs. DSE−0.1250.0460.007
    Change in BMI0.0630.009<0.0001
    Change in A1C0.1210.021<0.0001
    Change in fitness−0.0330.0170.0599
Model M0.134
    ILI vs. DSE−0.1280.0460.006
    Change in BMI0.0670.009<0.001
    Change in A1C0.1190.021<0.001
    Change in HDL cholesterol−0.0060.0030.029
Model N0.135
    ILI vs. DSE−0.1330.0460.004
    Change in BMI0.0670.009<0.001
    Change in A1C0.1150.211<0.001
    Change in triglycerides0.0000.0000.019
Model O0.136
    ILI vs. DSE−0.1220.0460.008
    Change in BMI0.0620.009<0.001
    Change in A1C0.1170.021<0.001
    Change in HDL cholesterol−0.0060.0030.038
    Change in fitness−0.0300.0170.078
Model P0.136
    ILI vs. DSE−0.1280.0460.006
    Change in BMI0.0610.009<0.001
    Change in A1C0.1130.211<0.001
    Change in triglycerides0.0000.0000.025
    Change in fitness−0.0300.0170.081
Model Q0.138
    ILI vs. DSE−0.1250.0460.007
    Change in BMI0.0600.009<0.001
    Change in A1C0.1120.021<0.001
    Change in HDL cholesterol−0.0050.0030.106
    Change in triglycerides0.0000.0000.068
    Change in fitness−0.0290.0170.095
  • Each model (A–Q) was analyzed independently and adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, clinic site, history of CVD, smoking, and TZD and statin use. “ILI vs. DSE” is a dichotomous indicator for treatment group. The outcome variable, change in hs-CRP, was log-transformed to correct for a nonnormal distribution.