Table 1

CFRD compared with type 1 and type 2 diabetes

CFRDType 1 diabetesType 2 diabetes
Prevalence in population35%0.2%*11%*
Peak age of onset20–24 yearsChildhood, adolescenceMid to late adulthood
Usual body habitusNormal to underweightNormalObese
Insulin deficiencySevere but not completeCompletePartial, variable
Insulin resistanceUsually modest, waxes and wanes with infectionUsually modestSevere
Autoimmune etiologyNoYesNo
A1CUnpredictable relation to mean blood glucoseRelated to mean blood glucoseRelated to mean blood glucose
Usual treatmentInsulinInsulinOral agents, insulin
Microvascular complicationsYesYesYes
Macrovascular complicationsNoYesYes
Metabolic syndrome featuresNoNoYes
Cause of deathLung diseaseCardiovascularCardiovascular