Table 1

Age-adjusted demographic and clinical characteristics, by parity category, Filipino American women, San Diego, California, 1995–2002

Number of live births
1–23–56–12P value
Age (years)57.159.562.40.001
College graduate (%)57.547.422.20.006
Family history diabetes (%)40.035.527.80.528
Exercise (≥3 times/week, %)70.072.469.40.940
Estrogen use (current, %)32.526.32.80.004
Fasting glucose (mmol/l)5.415.936.790.046
2-h glucose (mmol/l)8.6910.0912.090.029
Fasting insulin (pmol/l)80.9474.5976.240.947
2-h insulin (pmol/l)435.63576.36542.390.157
HOMA-β index119.71113.2796.850.438
Hypertension (%)55.064.572.20.029
Type 2 diabetes (%)25.030.350.00.048
  • Data are means or frequency distribution.