Table 2

Outcomes by fasting, postprandial tertiles, and overall mean glucose tertiles

Fasting tertilesPostprandial tertilesMean glucose tertiles
Primary outcome components22.932.539.6<0.00125.629.440.3<0.00123.031.141.4<0.001
Recurrent glucose <2.6 mmol/l10.418.321.30.00213.017.719.30.0711.715.323.2<0.001
Respiratory distress2.
Birth trauma4.
Apgar score <7 at 5 min0.400.80.48001.30.03001.30.03
Prematurity: <37 weeks gestation5.810.213.30.0065.59.314.7<0.0015.910.513.10.008
Maternal preeclampsia4.<0.0013.
Birth weight†<0.001‡<0.001‡<0.001‡
    <10th (customized)13.811.46.70.0111.810.59.70.4613.
    >90th (customized)12.111.424.6<0.00110.112.924.8<0.00110.513.324.1<0.001
    <2,500 g5.
    >4,000 g8.310.219.6<0.0016.713.317.7<0.0016.712.918.1<0.001
  • Data are frequency of outcome (%).

  • *Cochrane-Armitage trend test.

  • †Customized charts in general obstetric population with ethnicities similar to those of the MiG population reported rates of SGA infants of 12.1–12.8% and of LGA infants of 8.4–8.8% (

  • ‡χ2 test of three levels of customized birth weight.