Table 2

Side effect–related quality-of-life assumptions

Side effectGlyburideExenatideSitagliptinReference
Weight gain/loss−0.00310.0013033
Nausea/gastrointestinal side effects0−0.00050Authors' assumption; 13,33
Upper respiratory infections00−0.000113
Injectable0−0.00320Authors' assumption
Overall disutility associated with
    side effects, after weighting*−0.0095−0.0029−0.0003
  • A positive number (utility) indicates a gain in quality of life, and a negative number (disutility) indicates a loss in quality of life.

  • *The overall disutility was calculated as the weighted sum of the side effect utilities/disutilities, where the weights were 1) the probability a patient was on a given medication at a point in time and 2) the probability the side effect occurred.