Table 1

Screening, monitoring, and treatment practices (percent of responding endocrinologists endorsing)

Frequency of testing
Every ≤ 3 monthsEvery 6 monthsEvery 1 yearEvery 2+ yearsNot used
Screening/monitoring tests
    Blood pressure93*6.5000.5
    Fasting lipid panel2.51572.5*9*1
    Retinal exam5.50.577*116
    Foot exam281235.5*816
    Liver function tests7.52057*8.57
    Microalbumin test5.54.586*2.51.5
LDL level at:
110 mg/dl140 mg/dl170 mg/dl
Treatment of hyperlipidemia
    Continue lifestyle change, recheck every 3 months55*18*2
    Refer to dietitian/physical therapist39*45*18
    Start lipid medications22550*
    Change intensity of medications00.512*
    Refer to lipid specialist08*17*
Systolic blood pressure at:
95%99%≥99% + microalbuminuria
Treatment of hypertension
    Continue present management, follow up in 3–6 months11*4.50.5
    Intensify lifestyle changes, follow up in 3–6 months39*75
    Refer to dietitian and/or exercise physiologist40*813
    Start or intensity blood pressure–lowering medications7*70*71*
  • Data are percent.

  • *Concordance with current guideline recommendations.