Table 2

Comparison of enrollment and most current registry data*

Age at most current registry data
Overall2–5 years old6–12 years old13–17 years old18–25 years old26–49 years old≥50 years old
Age, mean23.6/26.44.1/4.99.6/10.014.7/15.120.4/20.637.4/37.360.0/61.1
Duration, mean11.7/15.01.9/4.24.2/6.56.4/8.510.1/11.620.3/22.030.1/32.9
Pump use, %58/6250/6958/6857/6156/5661/6458/61
CGM use, %7/114/154/83/55/715/2315/18
CGM device type, %
HbA1c, mean, % (mmol/mol)8.2/8.4 (66/68)8.2/8.2 (66/66)8.3/8.5 (67/69)8.7/9.0 (72/75)8.3/8.7 (67/72)7.7/7.7 (61/61)7.6/7.6 (60/60)
HbA1c <7.5% (58 mmol/mol)32/2924/2224/2021/1631/2550/4849/50
HbA1c <7.0% (53 mmol/mol)17/1510/79/79/617/1330/2929/29
SMBG per day, mean#5.1/4.77.1/7.16.0/6.24.3/4.34.0/3.54.7/4.55.0/5.0
Downloading of meter at home ≥1 times per month, %§12/1120/2020/1510/145/98/813/9
  • Severe hypoglycemia and DKA frequencies were not compared due to changes in how the data were collected. Dash (—) indicates n <20.

  • *Enrollment data were collected from 1 September 2010 to 1 August 2012. Current data were collected from 1 September 2013 to 1 December 2014. There are less participants in the younger age-groups for the current update data due to aging over time and they are included in the older age-groups.

  • #Available for 5,787 participants with a meter download in the medical record at enrollment and most recent clinic visit.

  • §Available for 2,124 participants who completed the participant questionnaire and did not respond “Don’t know.”