Table 2

PTA was performed in 10 patients during the first year of follow-up. Baseline arterial toe blood pressure, number of treatment sessions given, and ulcer outcome are specified for those patients

PTA intervention (months after randomization)Total number of HBOT treatmentsArterial toe blood pressure at inclusionOutcome of index ulcerAmputation
HBOT Group
    34015 mmHgUnhealedAbove ankle amputation at 7 months
    64025 mmHgHealed at 6 monthsToe amputation at 8 months
    73820 mmHgUnhealedToe amputation at 10 months
    74030 mmHgHealed at 3 monthsNo
    73840 mmHgHealed at 12 monthsNo
    84020 mmHgUnhealedNo
Placebo Group
    24020 mmHgUnhealedNo
    33745 mmHgUnhealedNo
    63850 mmHgUnhealedNo
    73825 mmHgHealed at 9 monthsNo