Table 4

Breast cancer risk in users of oral antidiabetic drugs excluding insulin users

Drug and prescriptionsCase patientsControl patientsAdjusted OR (95% CI)*P value
    None1325091.00 (referent)
    1–9551721.40 (0.94–2.09)0.10
    10–39642530.97 (0.67–1.42)0.89
    ≥4011880.42 (0.21–0.87)0.02
    None1324681.00 (referent)
    1–9492080.90 (0.61–1.32)0.58
    10–39542410.84 (0.57–1.24)0.38
    ≥40271051.11 (0.65–1.88)0.70
  • Data are n unless otherwise indicated.

  • *Adjusted for age, sex, general practice, and calendar time by matching and further adjusted for each other plus use of prandial glucose regulators, acarbose, thiazolidinediones, estrogens, smoking, BMI, diabetes duration, and A1C.