Table 2

HR of long-term cumulative mortality, cardiovascular mortality, and morbidity after adjustment for confounding factors among the 451 patients with diabetic nephropathy

ParameterHR95% CIP
All-cause mortality (n = 140)
    Second vs. first quartile1.900.60–6.030. 28
    Third vs. first quartile3.751.22–11.570.022
    Fourth vs. first quartile4.861.37–17.300.015
Cardiovascular mortality (n = 89)
    Second vs. first quartile1.760.44–6.970.42
    Third vs. first quartile3.991.06–14.990.040
    Fourth vs. first quartile5.591.23–25.430.026
Non-fatal cardiovascular event (n = 99)
    Second vs. first quartile2.360.91–6.130.079
    Third vs. first quartile2.040.75–5.560.16
    Fourth vs. first quartile3.551.08–11.640.036
  • All primary end points are adjusted for the following confounding factors: sex, age, smoking, A1C, systolic BP, cholesterol, GFR, NT-proBNP, antihypertensive treatment, and a history of cardiovascular events at baseline.