Table 2

Multiple linear regression analyses of the relationships between gestational glucose tolerance status and (dependent variable) the change in β-cell function (ISSI-2) between 3 and 12 months' postpartum

βSEMtPModel r2
Model I*32.3%
    Abnormal GCT NGT−61.7147.12−1.310.191
Model II**32.7%
    Abnormal GCT NGT−63.5847.14−1.350.178
Model III***34.1%
    Abnormal GCT NGT−54.5246.80−1.160.245
  • *Covariates in Model I: age, ethnicity, family history of diabetes, breastfeeding status, β-cell function at 3 months' postpartum, and gestational glucose tolerance group.

  • **Covariates in Model II: covariates in Model I + waist circumference at 3 months' postpartum.

  • ***Covariates in Model III: covariates in Model II + change in weight between 3 months' and 12 months' postpartum.