Table 3

Conditional logistic regression model of cardiovascular events, stratified by subgroup

SubgroupnA1C (%)Odds ratio (95% CI)*P
LDL <100, no other CV drug20,871≤61.39 (1.15–1.67)0.0006
>81.20 (1.03–1.40)0.02
LDL >100, no other CV drug13,983≤61.05 (0.79–1.39)0.74
>81.41 (1.18–1.69)0.0002
On other cardiovascular drug, LDL <1009,555≤61.10 (0.85–1.43)0.45
>81.25 (0.95–1.63)0.11
On other cardiovascular drug, LDL >1004,038≤60.89 (0.39–2.01)0.78
>81.32 (0.70–2.49)0.39
Patients using antipsychotics2,539≤61.05 (0.53–2.07)0.90
>83.15 (1.18- 8.44)0.02
Patients not using antipsychotics53,246≤61.26 (1.15–1.38)<0.0001
>81.17 (1.09–1.26)<0.0001
  • LDL units are in mg/dl. Other cardiovascular drugs include antiplatelets and antihypertensives other than ACE inhibitors and ARBs.

  • *Odds ratio for A1C category compared with A1C 6–8% (reference).

  • †Not on antipsychotics. Model controlled for number of A1C tests in the 3-year index period, A1C range, diabetes medications, proportion of days covered of diabetes medications, use of statins, ACE inhibitors, ARBs, antiarrhythmics, tricyclic antidepressants, ESAs, β-agonists, diagnosis of hypertension, heart failure or peripheral vascular disease, retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, prior cardiovascular events in 3-year preindex period, and severe hypoglycemia.

  • ‡Model controlled for prior cardiovascular events, HDL level, use of β-agonists, and ESAs.