Table 3

Association of vitamin D with progression of CAC at the 6-year visit in subjects free of CAC at the 3-year visit and in subjects with CAC present at the 3-year visit

Subjects free of CAC at 3-year visitP valueSubjects with CAC present at 3-year visitP value
Vitamin D deficiency
 In VDR M1T (CC)6.5 (1.1–40.2)0.041.5 (0.2–9.4)0.67
 In VDR M1T (CT or TT)1.6 (0.3–8.6)0.570.4 (0.1–1.5)0.16
  • Odds ratios and 95% CI are presented for vitamin D deficiency in those with the VDR M1T CC genotype and in those with the VDR M1T CT or TT genotype. Models are adjusted for age, sex, hours of daylight, total vitamin D intake, total calcium intake, and AER.