Table 1

Comparisons by eater category

NonovereaterOvereaterBEP value
Subclinical BEClinical BE*
Mean (SD)
 BMI percentile97.5 (3.2)97.5 (4.2)97.9 (2.9)98.6 (2.1)0.1583
 BMI z score2.17 (0.46)a2.24 (0.50)b2.26 (0.45)2.40 (0.42)a,b0.0077
 % Overweight73.4 (35.8)a,b80.6 (37.9)c82.4 (37.9)a94.2 (36.4)b,c0.0012
 Waist circumference (cm)106.0 (16.5)a,b,c109.9 (18.0)a109.9 (19.2)b112.8 (22.4)c0.0171
 Abdominal height (cm)††23.9 (3.7)a24.4 (4.0)24.5 (3.7)25.5 (3.4)a0.0403
 Global YEDEQ1.1 (0.9)a,b1.2 (0.9)c,d1.8 (1.0)a,c,e2.3 (1.0)b,d,e<0.0001
 BDI5.1 (7.4)a,b5.8 (6.0)c8.4 (7.5)a,d14.5 (12.9)b,c,d0.0031
 CDI5.6 (5.2)a,b,c7.5 (6.0)a,d8.4 (7.1)b,e11.1 (8.7)c,d,e<0.0001
 PEDSQL82.5 (11.7)a,b,c79.4 (11.3)a,d78.2 (11.5)b,e70.5 (12.9)c,d,e0.0033
 Sex (% girls)65.362.267.469.00.7488
 BMI percentile ≥9937.7a,b,c51.2a48.1b,d66.7c,d0.0004
 Global YEDEQ ≥4.00.6a,b0.6c3.7a9.5b,c<0.0001
 BDI ≥14 or CDI ≥1310.1a,b16.3c20.3a30.0b,c<0.0001
 PEDSQL <68.2§11.6a,b17.2c19.1a,d41.5b,c,d<0.0001
  • Comparisons across eater categories were made by ANOVA for continuous variables and χ2 test for categorical variables, followed by unadjusted pairwise comparisons to explore overall significance. BE, binge eater.

  • *Although the definition of clinical binge eater used in this article is consistent with proposed definitions of binge eating disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition (DSM-V), published by the American Psychiatric Association, the current study focuses on a shorter time period for diagnosis than DSM-V (1 vs. 3 months).

  • †Percentage above age- and sex-specific median BMI.

  • ††Also referred to as sagittal abdominal diameter (SAD); measured laterally using a Holtain Kahn Abdominal Caliper with the patient supine.

  • ‡BDI administered to youth age 16 years or older (N = 84 for nonovereaters; N = 44 for overeaters; N = 31 for subclinical binge eaters; N = 8 for clinical binge eaters); CDI to youth younger than 16 years (N = 244 for normal eaters; N = 117 for overeaters; N = 102 for subclinical binge eaters; N = 32 for clinical binge eaters).

  • §Cutoff used is 1 SD below the sample mean.

  • a,b,c,d,ePairs of values in a row with the same letters are significantly different from each other (P < 0.05).