Table 2

Results of multiple logistic regression of acute cardiovascular events as a function of hypoglycemic events*

Independent variablesPatients of all ages with type 2 diabetes Patients aged ≥65 years with type 2 diabetes
Odds ratio95% CIOdds ratio95% CI
Coded HE in evaluation period1.791.69–1.891.781.65–1.92
Age 65+ vs. 18–34 years13.269.64–18.25
Age 55–64 vs. 18–34 years9.797.11–13.47
Age 45–54 vs. 18–34 years6.794.92–9.35
Age 35–44 vs. 18–34 years3.542.54–4.94
Male vs. female1.561.52–1.611.391.34–1.45
West vs. Northeast0.820.77–0.880.860.79–0.93
Unknown vs. Northeast0.970.73–1.290.800.42–1.50
South vs. Northeast1.091.03––1.13
North Central vs. Northeast1.191.13––1.24
Peripheral vascular disease1.291.20–1.381.211.11–1.32
Chronic kidney disease1.171.10––1.26
Diabetic peripheral neuropathy1.101.03–1.18
Diabetic retinopathy1.331.23–1.441.241.11–1.38
Deyo–Charlson comorbidity index1.051.04––1.07
Total baseline expenditures1.761.70–1.831.561.48–1.64
Prior cardiovascular events2.872.73–3.022.392.22–2.56
  • * Dependent variable = ACVEs in the evaluation period; models fit using backward stepwise selection of variables with P < 0.01.

  • Observations = 860,583; max-rescaled R2 = 0.0651.

  • Observations = 316,695; max-rescaled R2 = 0.0322.